Friday, 2 August 2013

"Like a light shining on you"

Today is one of those extra-special days when I am alive with electricity, aligned with the purpose of all things, burning with life and decisiveness and positivity. On days like today, all the planets of my internal firmament are in conjunction, every motion is a blessing and my heart is overflowing with understanding and love.

There are days when I am manic, to be sure, and other days when I simply feel fucking sensational. But on days like today, I have a distinct sense of serving a higher purpose. Great things are going to happen; in fact, I am working towards making them happen right now, and it is as if my present moment has caught up with the future. One author described a feeling that I am sure is similar as being "like a light shining on you". It really does feel that way; not so much a delusion of grandeur, but a sense of being in the spotlight, aglow under a concentrated flood of photons.

I am so happy to have this sense of connection with the infinite, and be filled with certainty regarding what I need to do. It is on days like this that I feel I am succeeding completely at what it means to be alive.

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